• Takaful

    Under the Innovation Engine program, Takaful will work to scale up the Index Based Livestock Takaful (IBLT) a product designed to protect against drought-related livestock mortality. ..

  • Biological1

    Kenya Biologics is testing its Tutrack innovation to combat the Tuta absoluta in tomatoes for smallholder farmers...

  • Bucket

    Value Farms Ltd. is implementing a public-private partnership aimed at synergizing and making the most of agricultural potential in Siaya County...

  • Fertiliser

    Wanda Organic is currently importing and marketing Plantmate Organic Fertilizer and Prime EC Foliar Plant Food, with the aim of setting up local production facilities in the region....


    ALIN's FARMIS innovation (Farm Records Management Information System) is supporting Kenya’s agricultural sector by offering market...

  • Biological

    Kenya Biologics is testing its Tutrack innovation to combat the Tuta absoluta in tomatoes for smallholder farmers...

  • KMLC

    Under the second wave of the Innovation Engine program, the Kenya Livestock Marketing Council (KLMC) seeks to strengthen the dryland economy for ...

  • Indicus

    Under the Innovation Engine program,Indicus will work on establishing a hightech training facility to train and equip inseminators who will increase access to quality ...

  • Lachlan

    Viazi Power (“Viazi” is Swahili for potato) is a fusion-farming technology aimed at improving productivity while ensuring allowable...

  • Maseno

    Through the development and introduction of new, resilient maize varieties which are resistant to foliar diseases and Striga weed, Maseno University is working...

  • Milkey

    Amtech has devised EASYMA 6.0 – a software-driven innovation synchronized with digital weighing scales for milk, and real time transmission of data to farmers’ phones.

The Feed the Future Kenya Innovation Engine program harnesses innovations that will generate significant increases in household incomes and nutrition. From the American people through USAID/Kenya, the Innovation Engine serves as a mechanism for proactively seeking ideas and concepts that have the potential to transform Kenya's agricultural landscape.

Launched in March 2014, The Innovator e-bulletin is currently in its sixteenth issue. The April-June 2016 issue focuses on the Innovation Engine active engagement in regional and international agricultural policy matters.


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